Giving Back

Text that says "BE like Jesus" over an image of blue skies and fluffy clouds

Doing What Jesus Did

At the Well of AV, we love giving back to our community. This is how we activate the call to do what Jesus did. Giving back to the community takes a group of people who understands what it means to BE like Jesus.

Is God calling you to BE Jesus today? Check out our programs below to see how you can get involved and BE Jesus to someone who desperately needs to know Him. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be used the God. You don’t have to go far. There are needs all around you.

Everyone can DO what Jesus did. These programs are a great way to start. Together we can make sure every man, woman, and child can HAVE the life He promised.

The Well of AV Programs

Kicks 4 Kids

Give Kids the Gift of Confidence. Give a New Pair of Shoes to a Kid in Need.

Kids need confidence to succeed. A new pair of kicks allows underprivileged kids to walk into their classrooms on the first day of school feeling awesome, confident, and ready to succeed!

Your donation helps put new kicks on the feet of 1000 kids. Many kids suffered in unimaginable ways last year. Give them the confidence they need to win this year.

Meals for Thanksgiving

Bring a Family Together. Give Underprivileged Families a Day Full of Smiles.

Every family deserves to be together and on Thanksgiving. You can help put smiles on the faces of a family in need by providing a warm Thanksgiving meal.

With your heartfelt donations, you can make sure that Thanksgiving day is one a family will always remember, being full of joy and laughter. Help fill the hearts and stomachs of families in need this holiday

Adopt a Family for Christmas

Show the Love of Jesus. Provide for a Family in Need at Christmas.

Sometimes the Christmas season can be tough on a family. You can make this year a little brighter by giving some much-needed love.

Many families struggle to meet their basic needs year-round. You can help them have a better quality of life by providing anything from appliances to bedding. Spread the love of God and be a part of his work this season.

Thank You

Thank you for visiting our Giving Back page and supporting the Well of AV in our mission. These donations mean that kids can feel confident and families can have holidays filled with joy. Working together, we can BE like Jesus, DO what he did, and HAVE the life he promised.