2021 Kicks 4 Kids: Because of You 689 Kids Are Rocking the School Year!

Confidence is what helps kids succeed. These new kicks are going to help them walk into their classrooms on the first day of school feeling awesome, confident, and ready to learn!

You were a part of
God’s work

Children and their families lining up to receive shoes from your generous donations.

Together we showed them the love and compassion of Jesus.

Kids are now set up
for Success

A young boy and girl trying on their brand new shoes for the first time.

New shoes make such a difference. Thanks to you, we helped nearly 700 kids get off to a great start this school year.


A parent and two kids with glowing faces after receiving new shoes fo the school year

A child’s face glows when they are confident, giving them the boost they need to start the year off strong.

Your donations to the 2021 Kicks 4 Kids campaign helped put new shoes on the feet of almost 700 kids. Your generosity has touched the lives of so many families that have been struggling during the past year. 

Watching these kids light up when handed their shoes was amazing. It was a big event full of smiles and lots of fun. Some of the parents had this to say about the impact of your donations,

“Kicks 4 kids is a blessing, we needed help to start the school year.”

“You guys are heaven sent.”

We understand the need these children have. We have seen it time and time again. Volunteering in the Palmdale area for years, we’ve seen the signs of poverty… shoes with holes, worn-out soles. Their crushed spirits are evident. We have already donated almost 800 pairs of shoes and 300 backpacks since starting this program in 2019. But the mission doesn’t stop there. We are up to the challenge again next year, are you?